Mission Belt Gift Box - 40mm 3Bar Collection

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Premium Gift Sets

Premium Gift Box - 40mm 3BAR

Size Guide

Good things come in threes and great things come in threes wrapped in an awesome gift box. The perfect gift for anyone with pants. 

The Box

  • Matte Black Gift Box Measures 16" x 6" x 2"
  • Magnetic Closure
  • Premium Foil Embossing 

The Mission Belts (40mm)

  • Unobtainium (Swat Black Buckle on Gray Nylon)
  • Steel (Steel Buckle on Mocha Brown Leather)
  • Black Magic (Black Buckle on Black Leather)

Note: Once you receive your Premium Gift Box you can interchange the belts and buckles in the set. Bonus! 

Materials: 40mm metallic buckle. 1.5" genuine leather/nylon with synthetic coating.

*Mission Belts are made to be easily customized so if it's too big you can adjust it. Click here for more info.